ABRZY and Tiger Tribe

Wellington’s very own ABRZY (Pronounced “Aye Breezy”) has just landed two major gigs opening for Australian Superduo Blis n Eso and more notably international superstar Lil Yachty. With his modern flow and solid following, his latest release “Shine” has amassed nearly 8,500 views. Touring with Hoody Time for “The Island Kings” Tour in late 2016… Continue reading ABRZY and Tiger Tribe


Can Anything Stop Joe Pol?

Joe Pol is one of the more individual and talented artists of the Norty North Movement. A multi instrumentalist, vocalist, MC and writer amongst other forays he’s one of if not THE most active and dedicated artist from Northland. Known for his ability to pick up and play practically any musical instrument and also for… Continue reading Can Anything Stop Joe Pol?

They Call Me DMA

Damyn Blindell AKA DMA is more recently known as one-half of Coastal Ent’s “Thirsty Thursday” live Facebook show. However, his other side - producing, writing, recording, filming and all round experimentation in all aspects of social media has seen him gain valuable industry knowledge and experience and helped himself and those around him to grow… Continue reading They Call Me DMA

Keeping it Hori!

Since the early 10’s HoriCollective have brought their own unique style to Northlands blossoming hip hop scene. Consisting of members Malstk, Henasee, 93Ja, Tones and Dotske the crew have formed a real bond growing up together and it is evident in their style of music. One of the more well-known units on the Coastal Ent.… Continue reading Keeping it Hori!

NZ, It’s Hoody Time!

It takes balls to travel to another country for a self-funded tour, and even more to relocate there afterward - but that’s exactly what Hoody Time AKA Joey Talmage AKA The Pineapple King has done. After a wildly successful Tour in NZ late last year, Hoody Time has booked himself to the brim for another.… Continue reading NZ, It’s Hoody Time!

Setting The Trap!

A regular on the Auckland scene, Trap Artist T1R has already had a taste of what it takes to be successful in his game. Whether it be opening for international acts such as RL Grime, $uicide Boys and Carmack or collaborating with the likes of Quix and Dabow and playing festivals like Northern Bass and Rhythm… Continue reading Setting The Trap!