NZ, It’s Hoody Time!

It takes balls to travel to another country for a self-funded tour, and even more to relocate there afterward – but that’s exactly what Hoody Time AKA Joey Talmage AKA The Pineapple King has done.

After a wildly successful Tour in NZ late last year, Hoody Time has booked himself to the brim for another. The MC, previously based in LA moved out to NZ and is now based in Nelson. Touring on the back of 2 EP’s and a wildly successful music video for his song “The New Everything”, he’s proven to most NZ artists that he not only talks the talk but walks it.

Always aiming to become one of the greats in any pursuit he tackles, his hustle alone will surely guarantee him success!

Hoody Time on SoundCloud

Hoody Time on Facebook

“Backpack” – Latest Release – Spotify

“The New Everything” Music Video – Facebook


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