Can Anything Stop Joe Pol?

14524511_1751323415130289_9089491724777101672_o.jpgJoe Pol is one of the more individual and talented artists of the Norty North Movement. A multi instrumentalist, vocalist, MC and writer amongst other forays he’s one of if not THE most active and dedicated artist from Northland.

Known for his ability to pick up and play practically any musical instrument and also for his wicked stage presence there’s not much that you could knock about Joe. Always crushing it on social media he goes live practically every day at any opportunity he can.

You can catch Joe on a verse in many of the NNM ciphers. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this future household name.

Joe Pol on Facebook

Joe Pol – NNM Promo Clip

Joe Pol – Put Ya Hands Up Live Video


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