Ryan K!!

Ryan Karaka, also known by his stage name "Ryan K" is a singer/songwriter based in Whangarei. Formerly the singer for Whangarei hip-hop collective "OBC", Ryan is a talented vocalist. More recently one of the many stand outs on the Coastal Ent. roster, Ryan has been singing since he can remember. Seeing success in many school-age… Continue reading Ryan K!!


Make A Banga!

Double G AKA Gaylon Hindley is an MC/Producer originally from Cape Town South Africa who is now based in Wellington NZ. A popular MC, Double G is well-known on the Wellington and wider national scene. His energy and unique sounding voice put him a step ahead of the game in any setting - recorded or performing.… Continue reading Make A Banga!

The Darkest of Ciders.

Dark Ciders AKA Jedz and Ghos are a hip-hop duo who got their start in Australia but relocated home to Whangarei NZ. Dark Ciders are Jedz and Ghos. Dark Ciders are straight up. Dark Ciders are skilled. Dark Ciders are Talented. Most of all, Dark Ciders are Tasty. With their signature production style and straight up lyricism… Continue reading The Darkest of Ciders.

Bringing the Phul Aphekt!

Te Ngaronoa Mahanga AKA Phul Aphekt is an MC from Whangarei, now based in Auckland. Getting his start in the “Malodik Cru” way back in the early days of Whangarei HipHop, Phul Aphekt is one of the most respected, flowy and motivated artists that Northland has to offer and is now one of the many… Continue reading Bringing the Phul Aphekt!

The Funkiest From The North.

MC Blaksawd AKA Tre Poutama is an MC, radio host and talented performer from Kaikohe in Northland. More recently the regular host of The Dope Spot on local Whangarei radio station Beagle FM, Tre got his start as a part of Kaikohe Hip Hop duo THE FUNKY NORTH. Mixing guitar, a number of percussive instruments,… Continue reading The Funkiest From The North.

LKEYZ – The “Go To” Guy.

LKEYZ is the moniker that Whangarei artist Joe Reuben raps, produces, films, edits and entertains under. More well known as Trix, Joe was one of the founding members of the Norty North Movement but broke off in late 2016 to pursue his own ventures in his hometown of Whangarei. Joe started Coastal Ent soon after… Continue reading LKEYZ – The “Go To” Guy.