LKEYZ – The “Go To” Guy.

LKEYZ is the moniker that Whangarei artist Joe Reuben raps, produces, films, edits and entertains under.

More well known as Trix, Joe was one of the founding members of the Norty North Movement but broke off in late 2016 to pursue his own ventures in his hometown of Whangarei. Joe started Coastal Ent soon after and has since gathered some of the best MC’s, singers, and producers that Whangarei has to offer and kickstarted the Whangarei Hip Hop scene back into action.

Already accumulating thousands of follows and views, Coastal Ent seems to be set to become the next big thing for Northland. Trix himself has proven his worth as an artist, director, editor, and producer and you can catch his catalog of content below!

LKEYZ on Facebook

LKEYZ on SoundCloud

LKEYZ – “Do Me Like That” Video Clip – Youtube


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