The Funkiest From The North.

MC Blaksawd AKA Tre Poutama is an MC, radio host and talented performer from Kaikohe in Northland.

More recently the regular host of The Dope Spot on local Whangarei radio station Beagle FM, Tre got his start as a part of Kaikohe Hip Hop duo THE FUNKY NORTH. Mixing guitar, a number of percussive instruments, turntables and a range of other musical instruments, Tre and DJ Definite managed to create a truly unique form of Hip Hop with an old school vibe.

You can catch Blaksawd playing a massive range of local Hip Hop on Beagle FM every Saturday on 88.1 in Whangarei.

Blaksawd on Facebook

The_Dope_Spot on Facebook

THE FUNKY NORTH/Bridgemode Records on SoundCloud


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