One Of a Kind


95 til infinity – That’s the goal for Freeks Tha Amateur and he’s already begun to cement a legacy in NZ Hip Hop by rubbing shoulders with fellow up-and-comers Hooligang and Tom Francis, proving his mettle against strong MC’s at the Def Jam Showcase in Wellington late last year, and winning a spot to open for International Act and Strange Music signee Rittz – it seems the sky is not the limit for the MC from Te Kopuru.

Having garnered a cult following in his early days and building on top of it ever since, he has continued to steamroll the NZ Hip Hop scene having recorded many tracks for Soundcloud and uploading a huge amount of content on his Facebook, from freestyles to PSA’s and Music videos – his most notable release being a visual shoot with Director Isaac Bell and Editor Jesse Anderson for his track Come 216.

Freeks is influenced by the likes of TDE’s Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar to Joey Bada$$ and Tupac amongst others and he’s most at home in his storytelling style he’s honed and crafted. He’s also proven his range within the genre, with tracks about bad relationships, fallen friends, and fake friendships among others.

Proving his performability, recordability, and social media prowess it seems there isn’t much to stop Freeks Tha Amateur from carving his own path to success.

Freeks on Facebook

Freeks on SoundCloud

“Come 2:16” Music Video



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