No SVDFVCEs Here!!

SVDFVCE is a Hip Hop artist from Christchurch.

It’s safe to say SVDFVCE has a unique approach to Hip Hop music, clear and evident in his flow, cadence and all round demonstration of how he does things! It’s really good to see artists in NZ starting to put their own spin on the American sound and SVDFVCE does this all too well. A very adept storyteller with a flow to match and remaining true to where he’s at and how he does things, this artist is paving a way to both recognition and longevity in the NZ Hip Hop scene. An up-and-comer to keep tabs on if we ever came across one with an EP out soon!!

Catch up with SVDFVCE through all the links provided below!!

SVDFVCE on Facebook.

SVDFVCE on SoundCloud.

SVDFVCE on YouTube.



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