Learn The Gatorway!

Gatorway Music – a fresh as f**k collaborative reppin’ the streets of Mangere in South Auckland. These boys have such a wide variety of different hip-hop styles that you couldn’t box them into one category. For the past year they have been pushing out music to show the world exactly what they have to offer.

In an interview with Flava FM, Gatorway express how looking after their mates in the community and keeping each other out of trouble is what started it all. They want to motivate and be the role models for the future generations of their community.

You really get a taste of the passion they have for their community with their song , “Mangere Appreciation“, which most of us can relate to no matter where your from as they spit about the nostalgia of growing up in their neighborhood.

The next track that deserves an honorable mention is “Emergency“. With this release Gatorway won Flava FM’s Hip Hop Quest. Their first place placing gained them highly sought after airtime and made them $500 richer. The boys said they’d spend the cash on some new gear. They also took the stage at New Zealand’s Hip Hop Summit last year in November, showcasing what they’ve got.

Gatorway Music has come this far in just over a year of unleashing their sound. They’re also teasing a bunch of songs on their Facebook and YouTube pages so chuck them a lazy like and follow to be in the know.

Written by Dee Raimona.

Gatorway on YouTube.

Gatorway on SoundCloud.

Gatorway on Facebook.



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