#IMOL Artist: DoubleGmAkeAbangA

This year, we’re teaming up with GMG to bring you some of the hottest artists hitting the stage for #IMOL!! Up now: DoubleGmAkeAbangA

DoubleGmAkeAbangA AKA Gaylon Hindley originates from Capetown South Africa but now resides in Wellington. It’s worth mentioning that DoubleG and his Wife, Lucy Jo, are the creators of GMG and the #IMOL series of events. With his unique voice and crystal clear delivery it’s safe to say the DoubleG has mastered practically everything to do with MC’ing. Bolstered by an impressive 27 track catalog on SoundCloud, he walks the talk, talks the walk and creates sounds that you could play in any situation.

In response to our interview questions, DoubleG poured out his passion for every step in both the creative process and the performance and marketing aspects. If we could we’d drop every single piece of wisdom he spoke (in fact, we might just do that). In response to one of our questions DoubleG replied: “when people shut the door on you, take the whole building” which pretty much sums up how he approaches every set-back – move on forward.

If you want energy, dope lyricism, and to be entertained to the maximum, be sure to head on down to GMG’s first #IMOL event this Saturday (April 14) at Moon Bar in Newtown, Wellington!

DoubleG on Facebook

DoubleG on SoundCloud

GMG on Facebook

#IMOL Facebook Event Page


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