#IMOL Artist: Misfit Beats

This year, we’re teaming up with GMG to bring you some of the hottest artists hitting the stage for #IMOL!! Introducing: Misfit Beats

Cole Ceejay Walters AKA Misfit Beats was born and raised in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Fluent in trap-style beats it wasn’t long before he started layering rhymes smoothly over the top as any producer/rapper-combo does. With a catalog of 13 tracks up on SoundCloud, you can literally hear the progression and journey this artist has taken over the past year and the quality in terms of improvement is nothing short of Impressive!!

In response to our interview questions, Misfit Beats shows how optimistic he is when it comes to his approach to music. He also described why he leans toward the production side more saying: “different sounds can trigger different emotions which sets a mood for the track and the artist.” He also outlined what he reckon’s it takes to achieve success in the industry putting emphasis on the need to be “focussed, consistent and committed to music” and that the artist has to be confident in their belief in both their craft and themselves.

If you want energy, dope lyricism, and to be entertained to the maximum, be sure to head on down to GMG’s next #IMOL event on the 5th of May at Moon Bar in Newtown, Wellington!

Misfit Beats on SoundCloud



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