King Cass

Hunter C A Wilson AKA King Cass is a Hip-Hop artist based in Christchurch.

With an enormous amount of energy, King Cass is a hard one to miss. Bursting out of the wintery city of Christchurch, Cass has an awesome mix of new school R&B/Rap mixed with an almost Limp Bizkit style cherry on the top (in terms of energy). Bolstered by dope lyricism and a heavily kiwi delivery, Cass has definitely cut his own path and created a sound people follow garnering nearly 1.8k in likes on Facebook.

In response to our interview Q & A, Cass described the importance of spreading positivity with his music saying: “The music is the message, the message is power and power is energy. I wanna spread the energy of positivity through the power of music…” following that up by explaining how important legacy is to him saying he want’s to leave a legacy that not only he can be proud of, but one that will inspire generations to come.

If you wanna check out more from King Cass, check the links below!!

Also, keep an eye out for Cass’ upcoming EP: “The Awakening Through My Third Eye” which he’s seeking to get production done through Mai FM and use as content to organize his first NZ Tour!!

King Cass on Facebook

King Cass on YouTube


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