One D1M3 For Your Mind

D1M3N51ON AKA Alton Rowe is a Hip Hop artist out of Hawkes Bay.

With a flow like no other and a definitive underground sound D1M3 is not a MC to be messed with. Releasing tracks consistently for the past 6 months stacking collabs with the likes of Freeks along the way, D1M3 takes no shortcuts when it comes to recording quality all the while harnessing a slick flow which in parts is comparative to the likes of today’s Joyner Lucas. Confident on any beat and giving the “Goosebumps Challenge” a decent crack it shows the artist isn’t looking to be painted into any genre definitively.

In response to our Q&A sheet, D1M3 poured in so much that we didn’t even know where to start at first. He named Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Fort Minor as a major inspiration saying “…he just does it all! From overcoming record labels wanting to take him out of the band he helped create to taking on the world with this sound that wasn’t around, it was amazing. His ability to play multiple instruments, produce and write and perform music, to being in the spotlight for good reasons as opposed to bad, and writing some of the craziest verses I have heard – definitely an underrated MC!!!”

However, answering our question about what he thought an artist should consider most important across the board he simply replied: “INTEGRITY. PERIOD.”

Finishing on a shout out:
“Shout out to the BAY SIDE! IVCXX! All the people that fuck with the Dimension! And my day ones! Kia ora D1m3n51on!”

If you wanna take a trip into another dimension, hit the links below!! He’s an artist well worth keeping an eye on!!

D1M3 on Facebook

D1M3 on SoundCloud




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