#IMOL Artist: RareXØ

This year we’re teaming up with GMG to bring you the hottest acts from their #IMOL series of events in Wellington. This week we bring you RareXØ!!

Jarad Copley AKA RareXØ is a beatboxing hip-hop artist from Wellington.

RareXØ is a buzzy dude when it comes to what sounds he’s capable of producing – purely on a microphone. If you’re like me, you grew up hearing or watching the likes of Rahzel or Kenny Muhammad wowing and performing for audiences worldwide with a range of sounds you thought were not possibly produced with just your mouth and a mic and RareXØ is no slouch when it comes to beatboxing. Honing his own style over the past 8 years, the artist is more than likely one of – if not THE best beatboxer in the country and well worth checking out if you have the opportunity to catch him live. 

Naming beatboxers D-Low and Gene as his main inspirations, RareXØ kept it short and to the point when it came to our Q&A. He talked about how he and D-Low (Who was the 2016 UK Champion Beatboxer) hung out saying “The reason why I look up to D-low is because I’ve met him personally and spent a good few weeks with him, he’s given me heaps of advice about beatboxing and just life in general. He always tries his best to improve his beatboxing he never sticks to one sound he’s always trying out new things, he isn’t afraid to sound different.” 

He also outlined how the creative process in terms of beatboxing compared to rapping differs saying “For me to understand my creative process I am deconstructing a piece of work in order to recognize the different parts of my process, long journey.”

RareXØ is a unique and refreshing point of difference in the underground world ruled predominantly by rapping, and is definitely a talent to keep an eye on in the coming years!!

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