Dylz with the Underground Flame!

Dylan Malcolmson AKA Dylz is an artist from Porirua.

An artist who not only bodies verses but embodies the raw essence of Hip Hop, Dylz is what an underground artist strives to be. Releasing 27 tracks in one year on SoundCloud his hustle definitely stacks up as a Hip Hop CV. With countless features and verse’s for challenges such as the “8 Ball Challenge” alongside remixes and a wide range of flows and styles that he’s become fluent with, it’s hard to find a chink in Dylz’ armor. Alongside the audio, he has few slick visual drops too complete with drone shots and all the “bells and whistles”!!

In response to our Q&A, Dylz proved he did things a bit different to most MC’s. He prefers to let the beat provide him with a vibe that he could then put a topic on saying you cant force topics onto a beat. In my eyes, you gotta let the beat tell YOU a story or shit becomes forced and doesn’t sound real or true to whos spittin’ it.” Dylz also highlighted the importance of originality and patience saying the most important thing was “ORIGINALITY, but also pride and respect for hip hop’s past, present, and future. Too many people these days are trying to sound like the next man instead of making their own sound and then hope to blow up overnight. Nobody wants to put in the mahi but everybody wants the treats haha!”

Dylz has all the potential to become an underground behemoth in NZ and is definitely a talent to keep an eye on in the coming months!! For more from Dylz catch all his relevant links below!!

Dylz on SoundCloud

Dylz on Instagram

Dylz on Snapchat: irishmaori




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