BEAST flows: MC DRO.

MC Dro AKA Jake Woodrow is an MC from Wellington.

If there’s a definitive “professional sounding MC” in the NZ Underground scene, MC Dro has to be one of the first names you’d mention. After browsing just 3 tracks off Dro’s SoundCloud, you get the feeling that he seeks out only the most suitable beats to lay a verse on. You could listen to his stream twice-over and feel as fresh as if you’d listened once. A refreshing sound in today’s modern market, you get the feeling Dro knows how to tie in both ends of the formula maintaining something super fresh no matter the style of beat, be it an old-school Boom Bap style to even trip-hop sounding instrumentals. Easily one of the tidier flows in NZ alongside the ability to switch tempo mid-verse, he’s definitely not an artist to cross!!

In response to our Q&A, Dro professed his passion for the songwriting process saying My favorite part [of the proccess] is when I hear a beat that gives me goosebumps and I immediately start writing to it because I’m so inspired. I could do without all the glitz and glam, lights and camera stuff and be happy just making music in my studio for the rest of my life.” He also dropped some knowledge gained during the process saying “Don’t force or rush the creative process. Make music because you feel inspired and want to, for yourself and/or the ones you love. Pay negative energy no mind. Be patient, Nobody really cracks it overnight so be ready to put in years of work with no monetary assistance. Get self-sufficient ASAP. Rely on others for as little as possible. And always Stay humble.”

So if you wanna catch this dope MC live he’ll be opening for Hip Hop Legend Obie Trice on Saturday the 28th of July at The Grand in Wellington alongside Juse1 and Ash Broke. All other links related to MC Dro are posted up below!!

MC Dro on Facebook

MC Dro on SoundCloud

MC Dro on Instagram


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