#IMOL Artist: Illin Vadaz

This year we’re teaming up with GMG to bring you the hottest acts from their #IMOL series of events in Wellington. Illin Vadaz will be performing on June 2 for the next round!!

Illin Vadaz are a self-proclaimed “Hip Hop Duet” consisting of Zaman Lewis and one other from The Wellington Region.

Like most of us as Hip Hop artists, we’ve gotta start somewhere. For Illin Vadaz it was the traditional garage freestyles that spiraled out of control in the best way. Having only 2 tracks on SoundCloud, and one well-shot video covering a tribute gig to the late Johnny Danger, I initially thought I wasn’t gonna be able to get much of a read on these guys. However, the two-track taster on their SoundCloud proved me wrong. Their ability to execute a flow makes them no slouch, their selection of instrumentals or tracks that they remix and add their own flavor to shows they love the heavy bass and kick drum style that can fill a venue with energy all the while complimenting the beat with a slick sounding verse. Aside from the audio-side, the gig footage on their Facebook proves they can not only bring the sound, but work the crowd as well!!

In response to our Q&A, Zaman kept it short and to the point. When asked what he thought was one of the more important aspects in music that are overlooked by a lot of artists he simply said “Engagement” which, if you’re an artist, performer, or social media whizz, you will know that this is pretty much THE most vital part of any performance or any piece of content you’re putting out. When asked about what or who inspires Illin Vadaz he replied “I have many idols: Tupac, Biggie Smalls, A$AP Rocky, David Dallas, the list goes on. They all have definitely inspired me to chase the dream they all come from similar backgrounds and have created something out of nothing. I live for that !”.

If you want to catch Illin Vadaz live and direct, be sure to head on down to the next #IMOL Showcase on June 2 at MOON 1 in Newtown, Wellington. If you can’t make it there we’ve stacked all of their links below!!

Illin Vadaz on Facebook

Illin Vadaz on SoundCloud


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