#IMOL Artist: DJ ATU-D2

This year we’re teaming up with GMG to bring you the hottest acts from their #IMOL series of events in Wellington. This time we bring you the event-to-event DJ: ATU-D2!!

DJ ATU-D2 AKA Atu is a DJ from Otaki (Ngati Raukawa).

Traveling two hours a night after a 10-hour shift on the farm to get to every #IMOL event, Atu calls herself a “part-time” DJ. If you took a look at what she’s accomplished you’d think otherwise. Performing at After-Balls, Weddings, and private functions, Opening for House Of Shem, Kennyon Brown and Donnell Lewis, DJ’ing the Def Jam Show Case in Wellington, working further with artists such as Double G, working with groups such as GMG on their Lunar, Ignite and now #IMOL series of events, add in a dash of teaching in schools and starting her own business “D2 Entertainment”, it seems she’s anything but “part-time”!! Reliably holding down the #IMOL series this year alongside the massive experience she’s gained over the past 4 years she’s definitely an asset to any event/project she’s involved with.

In response to our Q&A, Atu furthered showed her ambition. When asked what her ultimate goal is she replied: “My goal is to run a festival that is known worldwide.” which when stacked up against her repertoire of experience seems to be definitely achievable!! In response to our question about what she loved most to do with the creative process and music, in general, she answered: “I love that music is a freedom of speech. Whether it be through dance, singing, rapping or being a DJ everyone can tell/show a story.” Which is something that NZ music has always pride itself upon and, in our opinion, is executed in a way that no other musicians in the world could achieve!!

DJ ATU-D2 is definitely one to keep an eye on in the future!!

If you want to catch ATU-D2 live and direct, be sure to head on down to the next #IMOL Showcase on June 2 at MOON 1 in Newtown, Wellington!!

DJ ATU-D2 on Facebook


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