Royalty AKA Richie Lewis is an artist born and raised in Auckland who now resides in Dunedin.

A label owner, manager of 2 clothing lines, MC, Husband and father-to-be, Royalty has the stability, drive and resources to make a huge imprint on the NZ music scene! Starting out a year and a half ago but inspired from an early age by musicians such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Snoop Dogg among others, Richie has accomplished a hell of a lot in a short amount of time: From music videos such as The Rise garnering over 20,000 views, to forming his label Royal Records and working with talent such as Catchphraze, South$ide’ella & Rubix, all the while managing and distributing his own solo projects with his signature style and humor,  you’d be an absolute fool to write-off Royalty’s unmatched hustle.

We flicked Richie our Q&A late last month and he gave us a wealth of content! In response to our question asking what advice he could pass on to other artists in his position, he replied: Be real and be you, be creative, be loud, be energetic, hustle, hustle, hustle and drop shit monthly. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving what you can most definitely achieve. Reach out to other artists and work on collabs. Support other muso’s and push everyone’s music. Build respect and build an empire!”. When asked what he plans for the future Richie seemed precise in what he laid out: My vision for the future is to go on tour in New Zealand/Australia/Japan. I want to release a few albums and be heard on the radio and be seen on television. My ultimate goal is to be a household name in New Zealand and live off what I love.” – All of which are definitely achievable for Royalty and Royal Records in the future!!

If you wanna get in touch or simply follow Royalty and all he does, we’ve provided all relevant links below!!

Royalty on Facebook

Royalty on Spotify

Royal Records on Facebook

Royalty on SoundCloud

BONUS LINK: Royalty – Lil Punk Music Video


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