Tu Tangata Rapper Hoodlym NZED

Hoodlym NZED is an MC from Opotiki.

Being a producer/rapper combo only has advantages: You can write and create something new when you want, tweak beats to suit your verse whenever you like, craft entire EP’s to flow the way you want and achieve a sound that differs from the rest. Hoodlym has achieved all that and more!!

Starting out musically 7 years ago with friends Jayse Gardiner and Hera “Tha Nytmare” Tamati, Hoodlym has been hooked into music ever since. His latest (also his debut) EP gained more than 20,000 plays on SoundCloud in one month. The EP, titled No Games, is a melodic journey that tackles a range of subjects close to the artist. His flow has a definitive underground flow and vibe and maintains a well-executed NZ/American-hybrid accent to complement his delivery.

Hoodlym is one of the most humble artists we’ve probably ever encountered. In response to our Q&A questions, he had a lot of depth.

Citing SmashProof as the main reason why he initially got into music, he also laid out who inspired or helped him with his journey so far saying: My biggest influence in life is first and foremost our Heavenly Father for always protecting me and providing huge guidance for me on my journey, Secondly I’d like to give thanks to Jesus Christ for his sacrifice and influencing me to be able to be grateful for what I have rather than dwell on what I don’t. Third is my wife. Shes always there for me whether its music, if I’m hungry, if I’m down, if I need to be told to get my shit together, shes the one who keeps me in line and sober. Also my mum for raising me on her own and helping me grow to be a man and a good father to my kids. Lastly, and one of my biggest influences is my son because he’s proof that true love exists.”

He then went on to lay out what he reckons he has planned for the future: “For the future I plan to run a merchandise label with my crew 187 and keep sponsoring the 51/50 battle league in Gisborne. I plan on upgrading my studio and working on my wife’s catering business Kai Wairua which is a hit in Opotiki. My ultimate goal is to be able to teach young troubled kids the art of hip-hop in an attempt to try and save them from the struggle in the streets and keep them away from drugs. I’d like to have an album out by 2020 fully mixed and mastered by one of NZ’s best producers- I don’t care who!”

To keep up with Hoodlym NZED, check out the links below!!

Hoodlym NZED on SoundCloud

Hoodlym NZED – No Games EP (2018)


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