#IMOL Artist: Theoriginal (Bad Crowd)

This year we’re teaming up with GMG to bring you the hottest acts from their #IMOL series of events in Wellington. Introducing: Theoriginal from Bad Crowd!!

Theo AKA Theoriginal is an artist from Wellington and also 1/3 of the group Bad Crowd.

With nearly 93 tracks, nearly 30,000 plays and 7000 downloads, just over 600 followers, Theo has one hell of a catalog and following on SoundCloud. Making music for the past 4 or so years and making connections that allowed him to form Bad Crowd, music and performing has been a part of his life since he was a kid. Uploading a range of content from Trap Rap to a totally sick cover of Michael Jackson’s Hold My Hand, it becomes evident that Theo isn’t afraid to give any type of genre-bender a go be it singing or rapping!

In response to our Q&A Theo provided insight into what he enjoys most about his creative process saying: “There isn’t a specific easy or hard route when recording, but when you find a comfortable rhythm you actually feel and think: ”I can record to this”, or “I can make something to this”, whether it be with or without someone. What gets me most buck is the unintentional wordplay.” He also pointed out where he thinks a lot of artists neglect the art form during a performance saying “learn to make the stage your home, don’t just look at it as a stage.

If you want to catch Bad Crowd live and direct, be sure to head on down to the next #IMOL Showcase on July 7 at MOON 1 in Newtown, Wellington!!

Theoriginal on SoundCloud

Theoriginal on YouTube

Shiva Shiva on SoundCloud

Drew Z on SoundCloud


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