#IMOL Artist: LBFRmikey

This year we’re teaming up with GMG to bring you the hottest acts from their #IMOL series of events in Wellington. Introducing: LBFRmikey!!

LBFRmikey is an artist born in London who now resides in Wellington.

Vibes. That pretty much sums up what LBFRmikey creates. Comparative to the likes of Travis Scott, Lil Skies or Russ with the melodic way he lays vocals over instrumentals, mikey puts tracks together in such a way that most NZ artists can’t execute. His voice has a cadence that most Billboard artists would be jealous of. With a catalog of 15 tracks on SoundCloud and 2 drops on Spotify he’s no slouch when it comes to grinding out tracks either. If you’re after smooth vibes you could chuck on and cruise around town to, I’d definitely suggest some of LBFRmikey’s tracks!!

In response to our Q&A, LBFRmikey said he drew his inspiration for making music by defying the odds geographically saying: “Man coming from a place that is so small where these sorts of goals are unrealistic to some people just drives us more. If you think I can’t do it then I’m gonna prove you wrong with a smile on my face.” mikey went on to say that he reckons a lot of artists who are starting out tend to let quality slip by the wayside saying: “Well music in general has evolved so much in the last 5 -10 years and now everyone & anyone is wanting to be a hip-hop artist. But it seems like people are more worried about dropping as much material as possible than focussing on the actual quality of the work.” 

If you want to catch LBFRmikey live and direct, be sure to head on down to the next #IMOL Showcase on August 4 at MOON 1 in Newtown, Wellington!!

LBFRmikey on Spotify

LBFRmikey on Facebook

LBFRmikey on Instagram

LBFRmikey on SoundCloud


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