Gareth & Daniel AKA DeVade are an “Aggressive Heavy Trap” duo from Christchurch.

Bursting onto the scene just over a year ago, DeVade have already branded the game with a new sound. Inspired by a range of genres from a young age, you can definitely hear the ingredients of their influence come together in a sound that is uniquely theirs – blending modern Trap and Rap with early to mid 00’s Rock/Metal, they create a sound that’s surprisingly refreshing. Whether you’re into either isn’t the case with DeVade, their passion and skills are evident in the quality they put out across the board, be it Music Videos, Audio or Performance.

DeVade are also able to swing both ways in terms of making a track. For instance: their song Psychotic is a very familiar and modern take on current-day Trap music, while their song Mindless features some piercing vocals similar to that of something straight out of the Metal genre.

In response to our Q&A DeVade put importance on believing in yourself saying: “always focus on being original, don’t listen to people trying to put you down and continue to focus on your style, even in times where you feel it’s difficult and you’re struggling to come up with anything, keep humble and keep grinding…

DeVade also emphasized how important it is to keep moving forward and their willingness to learn, grow and empathize with their audience saying: “We honestly want to just keep improving and grinding, writing our craft and reaching as many people as possible. We want to leave a mark on this world that won’t be forgotten. As we said: we don’t only just write for us with our lyrics, we write for those who feel the same and relate. In our music we thrive off showing people it’s okay to feel upset, it’s okay to have mental illness, you’ll always be loved and there will always be someone that understands.

With a whole lot more content to come and with plans for expansion on the horizon, DeVade are definitely a duo to keep your eye on!!


DeVade on Facebook

DeVade on SoundCloud

DeVade on YouTube





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