OCDC Underground – Artist Profiles (2)

OCDC Entertainment is bringing a night of acts at Biddy Kates Irish Bar on the 26th of Jan. We’re bringing some extra coverage to the event covering the performing artists, in this installment: Zams, Jade Cootes & 7mpaler!

19030175_1766341930323625_8355768341057810307_nJade Cootes

If you’re after a psychedelic sound trap blend with ominous tones then look no further than Jade Cootes. Using deeper pitch on verses and higher pitches on hooks, Jade has the range and style to captivate an audience!




Zams is a rapper who encompasses the word Grounded. Using modern beats to lay over his almost old school inspired flow, he’s sure to bring a vibe to any venue on the night!



Weird in a good way, 7mpaler is a depressive channelling artist almost reminiscent to the late Lil Peep. Preferring slow-ish trap-styled beats, 7mpaler is sure to bring the feels to any event!


Catch your tickets to Underground III here: https://bit.ly/2RTSnhL


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