Phulaphekt, AKA Te Ngaranoa Mahanga, was kind enough to give us a sneak preview of his upcoming EP! One of the standout tracks is titled “Homage” and on it he shouts out to the most memorable acts from the turbulent North.

Featuring a full on funk bass-line, the track (which is actually an interlude), features the usual smooth bars from Phulaphekt over some silky Rhodes-styled keys/synths.

The verse opens with shout outs to the likes of K54 and Korza, leads into shouting out Lkeyz, DMA, Eaz, Freeks, OBC, NNM, Cap Z and Ecal and even acknowledges the likes of newer artists on the Northland scene such as BXG FETZ and MC Blaksawd.

If this track is anything to go by then this whole EP is going to be a big drop on the scene and one to look forward to for 2K19!


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