Y.O.T.S DAY 0.

This EP is geared to become a classic. In 5 or 6 years time when you’re talking about releases that stomped an artists name in the underground history books, Y.O.T.S will be one of the titles you’ll mention.

Kenny Slade always had weight. He’s well recognized in the AKL scene both as an MC and a master behind the scenes. He’s also well known further North and South and, hell, probably further abroad as well. Year of the Slade is on a whole ‘nother level though. Seriously.

Each track is authentically Kenny – be it his trademark cadence alongside his straight-to-the-point bars or the overall quality of each track and how well rounded the sound is. You can also hear and feel how epic each track is going to be when performed live and for a 7 track drop there’s also a range of sound coming out of this compilation, from dark tones, trunk thumpers to amping bangers – that can even switch up mid way or towards the end of the tracks themselves.

The features and producers pack the weight too with the likes of GHOS., Vulc, Tom Broome, viewnz and Kenny himself steering the ship on the production side of things. The album also features the likes of Lukan Rai$ey, iLLA, KillaFlowz and Stash – all of which are no slouches themselves!! To top it all off the final mixing and mastering was done by Kenny. Talk about work ethic.

If you’re into the likes of Kendrick or Schoolboy Q then you’ll eat this up. This is an easy contender for EP of the Year here in NZ and one of the more solid releases this year to date.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut you’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow, one more sleep.

~Andrew, LBB.



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