Rome Wasn’t Built In 1day

If there’s a list of cats with great hustle making moves in 2019 NZ then Ecal better be top 10, hell, top 5!

Although most of his grind has been behind the scenes, both of his drops this year have been S O L I D. Two different sounds from each drop, two very different sets of visuals at 2 very different locations.

In Rome Wasn’t Built In 1Day, Ecal takes his flavor to the big smoke. With visuals that are both tricky and stunning Ecal shows that he’s equally as good in front of the camera as he is behind the mic. The track has impeccable flow and a solid feature from the beautifully voiced Kennedy Jane’t with Ecal pulling off some vocal melodies as well. It’s needless to say that this track has it all.

Sitting pretty with 17K views since last Thursday,  it’s evident that he’s hitting a sound that resonates with the people and I’m sure we’ve all got our eyes and ears towards whatever he drops next!

Catch the track below!



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