The Rise of Jaypeefromthe45

Jaypeefromthe45 is an Australian/NZ artist currently based between Whangarei and Hamilton.

Jaypee came onto the scene early last year approaching us to edit some footage he filmed in his Home Studio. His drill-styled flow was perfectly timed with Australian hip-hop’s drill explosion in full swing.

Bringing his own unique approach to the mic he quickly made waves locally as the new kid on the scene with an aggressive flow and bars to match. He quickly followed up his first video with The Rise (see above) shot and filmed by yours truly. The song is a banger from start to finish and well worth a watch.

Jaypee recently started a joint venture with NZ Artist Suave titled Jsuave. Having already released a single titled Flexing, it’ll be very interesting to see where the collab between this dynamic duo heads!

You can catch Jaypeefromthe45 performing as Jsuave on Feb 12th at Oh!Seven night club in Hamilton, and for all other links see below!

Jaypee on Spotify
Jaypee on Youtube
Jaypee on Facebook
Jaypee on Instagram
Jaypee on SoundCloud


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