Buster V Jack Black

The bro Buster F Johnson continues his trend of dropping witty vlog-style videos while making tracks - even after having moved to Vietnam just over 2 months ago. In this installment he samples Jack Black playing a toy saxophone on Jimmy Fallon. Another dope video from his journey and plenty more to come!! https://youtu.be/50I_VheMKFU


AR – 15 dropping the heat!!

The bro AR - 15 is a well known beat maker/producer up North. Catch his latest drop below titled "Block Them Out"! Featuring a slick guitar sample with a definitive underground beat, it'd probably conjure up some dope freestyles!! https://soundcloud.com/ar15akanovakane/block-them-out?fbclid=IwAR0zbH_oGOAber3BPEZEtQRRzu5eZxfviYBuhdvb_sJQqMq9qGyan3jZzYU