#IMOL Artist: lil micca

This year, we’re teaming up with GMG to bring you some of the hottest artists hitting the stage for #IMOL!! The first being lil micca!

Zain Choudhry AKA lil micca is an artist born and raised in Wellington, NZ. With his modern sound that would make most american rappers jealous, lil micca has accomplished more in 1 month than most artists accomplish in one year. His first drop, REPEAT, has garnered 1.2k in plays on SoundCloud alone.

In response to our interview questions, micca put a lot of emphasis on Originality, being different and just having fun – both on stage and off. Also noted was the passion for music: “I want to travel the world, perform in front of crowds with thousands of people, all who know the lyrics to my songs, work with artists that I have been listening to for ages, make money off something that I genuinely love.  That’s the dream.”

So if you want to catch a performance by the rising star that is lil micca, be sure to head on down to GMG’s first #IMOL event this Saturday (April 14) at Moon Bar in Newtown, Wellington!

#IMOL Event on Facebook

lil micca on SoundCloud

lil micca on Instagram


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